Welcome to FitLife with Kelli!  I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about what it means to live a FitLife!!  So come on in and let’s take the next step, I will be guiding you the whole way!

I have been involved in fitness for over 25 years and have learned what works and what doesn’t.  Having worked with hundreds of clients, I know what it takes to deliver results!  So whether you have never lifted a weight before, or you have been in fitness but need more accountability and motivation, then I CAN assist you on your FitLife journey.

Through fitness articles, an online fitness/talk show, motivation speaking engagements and hundreds of face to face personal/group trainings, I have learned the true how-to’s.

So let’s take that next step together in living the FitLife!!  I am ready, are you?




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    Nancy C. Yorba Linda, CA

    Today is the one year anniversary of my decision to live a healthier lifestyle. On my 43rd birthday I decided it was time to stop the continual diet and self loathing and make a change. Thanks to the FitLife OC No Drama Mama Bootcamp 3x per week, I feel stronger, healthier, and happier than ever. I will never be a size 6, but I will continue this path as I age and want to enjoy our retirement years ahead. Huge thanks to Kelli Palmer and the other No Drama Mamas for the motivation, laughs and friendship along the way. I encourage anyone ready to make a change… Just start!


    7454d2_45a42b2c6c4643f190338ea5dbdd8771~mv2  Jeanette H. Shanghai, China

    “Kelli’s blend of personality, professionalism and experience is very hard to come by.  During my time in Shanghai as a client to Kelli, I was happy to have worked with and known Kelli. She has a unique blend of skills and experience together with a positive, motivating and pleasant personality. This has served her well in her role as my personal trainer. She trained me for several of months and helped me a lot to develop my strength both physical and mentally.  Kelli has demonstrated time again that she is a person who cares and stands behind her work. I really like her and she has helped me a lot in my training and personal development.  I have no doubt that whomever Kelli will work with will benefit greatly from her vast experience, professionalism and pleasant and motivating personality.


    7454d2_112f1f763db84118b05152b35e9836ce~mv2   Karen B. Yorba Linda, CA

    Kelli Palmer you inspire, motivate, and help us all of us No Drama Mammas be the healthiest we can be! Thank you


    7454d2_f5ef22154d63483c8513b6d4bddaecb1~mv2 Alan V. Yorba Linda, CA

    “Kelli is a dedicated trainer who really cares about your success! I trained with Kelli  and I was impressed by her fitness training and knowledge, especially in training around my limitations from injuries in my back and knees. She really cared about my fitness development and in teaching proper weight lifting techniques. A great communicator too. Thank you Kelli! Keep it up.”


    7454d2_974dc9d19c96453ba94a52ba0f40e012~mv2 Sharon M. Corona, CA

    “I love working out with Kelli’s shows! I have been in private training with Kelli for almost a year now and I am so pleased with the results. Now with the Fit Life OC shows I can have additional workouts each week. I came from a background of having worked out during my 30’s and 40’s, but then let things go for a few years. Kelli has put me back on track and feeling great again. A large part of Kelli’s training routines consist of compound body movements, with and without weights, which have not only given me strength and endurance, but have also helped my figure immensely. Besides being very professional and knowledgeable, Kelli is also a very encouraging and motivational person. She knows what clients need to reach their goals and is committed to their success, not just with excellent training routines, but also with general nutritional suggestions. She is safety minded first and will make sure you are performing each movement correctly. It is impossible not to feel motivated once you start working out with Kelli – she is an excellent trainer and so inspirational!”


    7454d2_3965028abfd34561b6ab2e0c5037ee7c~mv2 Maria C. Irvine, CA

    “Kelli Palmer-(FitLife with Kelli) I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to talking about Kelli’s workouts. In the past I have tried fad diets, working out with trainers at the mainstream gyms, doing it on my own, and setting goals but not following through with them. I kept trying and failing over and over again because I never grasped the mental part of health and fitness, the most important part in my opinion. This is one of the many, many things that sets Kelli apart from the rest of the trainers out there. Kelli’s philosophy revolves around having the correct mental philosophy and approach to fitness. No matter if your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, or simply get in shape, Kelli works whole-heartedly and diligently to create the ULTIMATE workouts, yet she ensures safety is always first! It is truly a personal experience; you are not just a number at FitLife OC. Kelli is not just a just trainer she is a coach pushing you each step of the way. Through working with her I have gained more confidence than I have ever had in my life or ever believed that I would have. Kelli has showed me that I CAN do it and have never let me give up on myself even though there were definitely days that I wanted to. The best part is she is accessible 24/7 any day, any time at FitLifeWithKelli.com. This means you can workout from anywhere!! No excuses!!”


    7454d2_ee0e3e89beb44186b7893aa93b021167~mv2 Susan P. Salem, NH

    “I have really have enjoyed working out with Kelli. She is keeping me motivated and determined to achieve my goals of getting and staying FIT.

    Thank you Kelli for all your hard work and dedication!”


    7454d2_e63e700d34c144f0ae4013d12574b5de~mv2 Lisa S. Yorba Linda, CA

    “You are truly inspirational Kelli!! I loved your workouts, and as usual you make it so that anyone can do it. I love hearing your words of encouragement!! Always so positive!!! Thanks Kelli!!!


    Peggy B. Oregon

    “Kelli Palmer (FitLife With Kelli) is the best program ever. I have used many videos and have tried online shows and have not found anything as good as Kelli’s show. I have been training with Kelli for a while and find that her workouts fit my needs. She is willing to work with me to target the areas that I need work on as well as incorporating all areas of the body. Working with Kelli has made me more fit physically, mentally and emotionally. I have been telling my family and friends about Kelli’s program and hopefully they will be joining in soon.”


    7454d2_40e67a0526ae41718bd5ebd9c5d46df4~mv2​ Julie G. Yorba Linda, CA

    “Kelli you are the best trainer I have ever had! I always enjoy our workouts and am getting great results! I can’t wait to watch you online and follow you at home and when I am on the road!”


    Rubina A. Orange, CA

    “Kelli Palmer is an absolutely wonderful trainer. I had trained with a few trainers before Kelli but what set Kelli apart from others was not just her knowledge but the right combination of compassion and toughness. One of my favorite things about Kelli is that whenever you hit a wall, she comes up with suggestions that seem practical and doable and help you break that wall. I am truly grateful to Kelli for not only helping me become healthier physically but for also helping me overcome my body image issues. Thank you Kelli, you are a truly exceptional trainer.”